The BHS IMA is organized around the philosophy that an excellent high school music program consists of a core of “classically-based” performance classes that rehearse daily, perform regularly, require outside practice and include regular testing to measure how well the students are meeting the program standards and progressing toward their personal performance goals.


            The BHS IMA believes that the purpose of an excellent high school music program is to teach the students the love of music and give them the skills they need to enjoy it for a lifetime.  The BHS IMA strives to promote self-discipline, hard work, independent thought, problem-solving skills, teamwork and self-esteem.  The BHS IMA aims to help students learn how to express themselves in positive and constructive ways, to better understand and relate to others, and to work collaboratively to create a finished product.


            Our goal is not to prepare students for a career in music, but for life itself.  An excellent music program helps students grow into thoughtful, sensitive, caring, articulate, and well-rounded adults who believe that they can achieve their goals in life by applying the skills they have learned from being part of the music program.

String Orchestras
Bulldog Regiment
Winter Guard/Perc.