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BHS IMA could use your help! Consider volunteering.

In-Kind Donations - Donations of goods for IMA events (snacks, beverages, decor, supplies) such as concerts, football games, competitions, in-person fundraisers, etc

Fundraising/Budget- Coordinate fundraisers throughout the year (dine-outs, candy sales, 99 pledges, etc). Keep track of finances for all fundraisers and events

Grants - Find, write, apply to, and execute grants on behalf of the IMA

Community Outreach - Contact local businesses and publications to spread the word about IMA and IMA-related events and fundraising

Charms Coordinator - Manage IMA text and email communications through the Charms platform

Newsletter Writer - Write monthly newsletter for the IMA with news, updates, and upcoming events

Volunteer Coordinator - Recruit volunteers for all aspects of IMA; support all Leads during events including concerts, field trips, fundraisers, competitions, etc where volunteer help is needed

Social Media/Web - Manage Facebook and for IMA and update/post regularly with events and fundraisers

Concert Event Lead - Project manager for concerts; coordinate adult and key club volunteers as well as oversee all concert logistics

Concert Section Lead - Lead a specific section/table (concessions, decor, merch sales, etc) at a concert

Concert Helpers - Help a Lead with concert logistics, sales, decor, ticketing, etc

U-Haul Driver - Pick up U-Haul truck and bring it to BHS for loading; drive to and from events (game/competition/other); return truck to U-haul after events

Competition Volunteer - Provide support during competitions for equipment, snacks, loading, etc and anything else that is needed during off-site competitions

Football Game Volunteer - Provide support during football games for equipment, snacks, loading, uniform help, section setup, etc and anything else that is needed during football games

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